Keeping Billingham Tidy

Keeping Billingham Tidy

 Billingham Town Council are on a mission to keep Billingham looking good. Since 2007 we have implemented changes to the town to help keep Billingham clean and beautiful.


Billingham Enterance Signs

To ensure that Billingham has its identity when entering our town we have installed 8 new entrance signs on roads that lead into Billingham.


Flower tubs

We have been working closely with The Shaw Trust to help "brighten up" our town.  The Town Council have placed beautiful flower tubs throughout Billingham.

DSC00215 DSC00210

Additional dog fouling bins & litter bins

An additional 18 dog fouling  and 6 litter bins displaying the Town Council logo have been installed throughout Billingham.

Litter Bin Locations

North end of Low Grange Avenue (outside Merlin Pub)
Carlton Avenue - opposite corners of grassed area, one at Elton Road end and one at the end of where the cut is for Thames Road
Grassed area adjacent to Guildford/Braemar Road near the trees
Corner of Castleton/Grosvenor Road next to dog fouling bin
Corner of Castleton/Whitehouse Road

Dog Fouling Bin Locations

North End of Low Grange Avenue
Corner of Castleton & Grosvenor Road
Low Grange Avenue opposite Springwell Close and Bielby
Cut between Neasham Shops and Low Grange Avenue
Grassed area adjacent to Guildford/Braemar Road near the trees
Corner of Roseberry Road/The Causeway
Field between church & park at SidlawRoad/Finchale Avenue
Small wood (grassed area) Station Road and Lunedale
College Gardens
Rochester Road
Wallington Walk
Cleadon Avenue
Path running in between the High Grange Estate & the new estate
John Whitehead Park - Finchale Avenue - entrance/exit
Junction of Marsh House Avenue/Causeway
Junction of Rievaulx Avenue/Recreation ground
Clifton Avenue
Braid Crescent