Billingham Town Council Finances

In the February edition of the Community Newspaper we gave a breakdown of the increase in the precept for 2013-14. This amounted to between £1.50 and £2.75, per household, per year, which equates to between 3p and 5p per week, depending upon the council tax band of the property. We received no adverse comment on this at all.

Let us now put some percentages into context. Our precept forms less than 1% of your total council tax bill. This year your council tax bill has risen by 2%, and Billingham Town Council precept rise is roughly one seventh of that 2% – or, in percentage terms, between 0.1 and 0.2%. This is the actual impact of this year’s increase.


We consider our budget very carefully each year and are very conscious of the impact on our residents. Our precept is far lower than comparable (and much smaller) town councils nationally – and within the 15 town and parish councils in Stockton Borough only 4 have a lower charge per household than ours.

To find out more about the precept increase for 2013/2014 click here.


Billingham Town Council considers itself an open and transparent council. Our accounts, once audited, appear on our website. Extra details, in the form of accompanying paperwork, can be viewed, by appointment as per audit Commission guidelines, at our office, and requests are treated fairly and in accordance with procedures laid down by the Audit Commission guidelines.