Tees Credit Union Opens New Collection Point

TEES Credit Union (TCU) is opening a new collection point in Billingham, making it even easier for residents to take advantage of their community bank.

TCU will be in the Town Centre at Billingham Food Bank every Thursday from 10 July 4-6 West Precinct from 11am until noon.

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Appointment of New Chairman and Vice Chairman to Billingham Town Council

At our Annual General Meeting held on Tuesday 27th May 2014, our new Chairman and Vice Chairman were elected.

Councillor Colin Pollard was elected to stand as Chairman to Billingham Town Council for 2014/15.

Councillor Helen Atkinson was elected to stand as Vice Chairman to Billingham Town Council for 2014/15.

The Town Council wish both Colin and Helen well for the ensuring year  in their Chairmanship.

Our thanks go to Councillor Ray McCall for the hard work and commitment he has given to Billingham Town Council during the past year in his role as Chairman.

Precept Increase: What does it mean?

I've heard about a precept increase. What exactly does that mean?


You may have heard about the increase in the precept.  We wanted to explain in more detail exactly what it means and how it affects you.

What is a precept?

A precept is a component of your council tax that is redistributed to other authorities.

In the case of Billingham, the tax you pay is split between Stockton Borough Council, Cleveland Police Authority, Cleveland Fire Authority and Billingham Town Council.

The amount you pay depends on the band that your property is assessed to be in.

Regardless of what band your property is in, the percentages that the council tax is distributed remains the same.

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Traditional Christmas Event

We would like to say a huge thank you to everybody who contributed and came along to our Traditional Christmas event on Saturday 13th December 2014.

Please let us know what you thought of the event by clicking here to fill out a short survey.

We have moved

Billingham Town Council has relocated to Billingham Library & Customer Service Centre in Billingham Town Centre from 15th December 2014.

Our new address is now:

Billingham Library & Customer Service Centre
TS23 2LN