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Your Council

Billingham Urban District Council came to an end in 1968 and it was 39yrs later that Billingham Town Council was formed.

Of course the Town Council does not have the rate raising and, therefore, the spending power of the Urban District Council, but the town does have its own voice again.

A petition signed by at least 16% (over 4000) of the Billingham electorate was achieved by May 2003.

This was followed in Nov 2003 by a referendum run by Stockton Borough Council which showed that the majority of those who voted, voted in favour of a Town Council. Elections took place in May 2007 to coincide with borough elections and Billingham Town Council was formed.

Although the new council differs from the old one in many ways, its focus, will undoubtedly be the same. To serve the people of Billingham, giving them value for money, to improve our town and unite the Billingham people so that it can once again become a prosperous and healthy community.

2007 became a year of initial building, appointing a Clerk, finding office space and setting up systems to help the council do the job its been elected to do. Now in 2008 the new council has an opportunity to use the Billingham voice for the good of the town in many ways. With the direction of the Billingham people and the drive and effort of the Billingham councillors we can prove that life really does begin at 40.

Youth Council

Have your say, make a difference, join our Youth Council today!
  • Are you interested in issues that affect young people in Billingham?
  • Would you like to represent the views & options of young people?
If so come along to our recruitment stand in the atrium area at Billingham Forum.
On Monday 13th February 2017 between 1.00 pm till 3.00 pm to find out more about Billingham Town Council Youth Council.
We look forward to seeing you!

Precept 2016/17

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